Air Charters

A division of  STIC TRAVEL GROUP -

The country’s premier travel group now introduces fixed wing and helicopters. STICS Travel Group is unmatched with access to nearly over 100 aircrafts/helicopters backed operationally and administratively by over 40 offices all over India.

We have an array of aircrafts and charters for you to choose from:-

. Super Deluxe Executive Jets ( 6,7,8,9,12,13,16 &17 seaters )
. Luxurious Turbo Props ( 5,6,7,8,9 & 13 seaters )
. Deluxe Helicopters ( 2 to 6 seaters )

Corporate Charters

1.  VVIP travel
2.  Delegate Entertainment
3.  Travel to conference destinations
4.  Travel to factory sits / mines quarries
5.  Aerial surveys
6.  Power line reconnaissance
7. Videography

Tourist Charters

1.  Helitours to tourist destinations
2.  Honeymoon cruises
3.  Wildlife packages
4.  Package tour package tours to Taj Golden tringle-Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Discover Rajasthan

Pilgrimage Charters

1.  Trip to Puttaparthi
2.  Trip to Vaishnodevi
3.  Trip to Shirdi
4.  Trip to Dharamsala, Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.

Government & Administration

1.  Disaster management / relief operation
2.  Geophysical surveys
3.  Election campaigning


1.  Emergency medical evacuation
2.  Film production
3.  Electronic news gathering
4. Artificial rainmaking

We have following services of offer at all airports in India:-

1.  Supervision of aircraft arrival/departure
2.  Ground handling, refueling an flight clearances
3.  Transport and assistance to crew and passengers inside the airport
4.  Inflight catering to meet your choice of cuisine
5.  Provision/ arrangement of ramp security for parked aircraft
6.  Assistance of crew and passenger to complete airport formalities
7.  Airport Transfers for crew and passengers
8.  Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers
9.  Transport arrangements
10. Assistance of dedicated team of our tour division
11.  Liaison between, the carrier, handling company, airport authority and other concerned aeronautical and service agencies

We offer you the luxury and convenience. You enjoy the experience and leave the rest to us.

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